Sunday, January 27, 2013


As a brand new blogger, I have to acknowledge first and foremost that the process of learning how to blog and how to evoke a certain 'blog language' will be exactly that--a process. My new experience with this type of technology, as a component of an Anthropology seminar entitled "New Food Activism," will be especially enhanced by the equally new exploration of the topic of how food activism directly contributes to a constantly shifting national identity.

With this blog as my platform of voice and discovery, I seek to explore the ways in which the various components of food activism in the 21st century, ranging from food security to migrant workers of the food industry, contribute to different aspects of national identity, from the perspectives of both Americans themselves and international onlookers. Just as the ways in which dialogue about food consciousness continues to penetrate the public sphere and extend to reach more audiences, it appears that the different voices shaping food activism today contributes to a constantly shifting American identity and sense of being. Through this blog, I hope to discover and share some examples of the ways in which different methods of participation in food activism in America and around the world reveal an ever-changing sense of what it means to be an American consumer.

Through this semester's journey, I will strive to gain not only some new practical experience with blogging but also a firmer grip on the current state of the field of food activism. Hopefully you'll stick around as I attempt to take a 'fresh' look into our food's affect on national identity!

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